Discover the Benefits of CBD Gummies

Discover the Benefits of CBD Gummies

Our shop in Rock Hill, SC has a wide variety of gummy options

These aren't your childhood gummy bears-CBD gummies are delicious treats with countless health benefits. Rock Hill CBD Distribution LLC has a large selection of CBD gummies that'll make your childhood dreams come true. Our products are comprised of 99.9% pure CBD. This means you're reaping all the benefits of this medicinal compound. Choose the best dosage and flavor that suits your personal needs.

If you're looking for CBD gummies in Rock Hill, SC, our CBD shop is guaranteed to have what you need. Visit our store today.

Learn how CBD gummies helps alleviate the symptoms of common health issues

CBD gummy bears are holistic alternatives for those who don't want to take traditional medicine for chronic pain. These supplements are rich in flavor and easy to consume. Who wouldn't want to eat a sweet treat that could possibly improve their quality of life? Consider these common challenges that are treatable with CBD gummy bears:

  • Persistent acne
  • Chronic anxiety
  • Muscle aches
  • Insomnia and restlessness
  • Cardiovascular trouble

We believe in the healing power of CBD gummy bears. You should too!

If you're in Rock Hill, SC and need CBD gummies, visit our store today.


Green Leaf

CBD Gummies

360mg: $24
500mg: $28
1000mg: $50

Super Naturals Gummies

500mg: $24
1000mg: $46

CBD Honey Sticks (10mg)

1 Stick: $2
25ct: $38

New South Botanicals

Wildflower Hemp Honey Sticks (15mg)
1 stick: $4

Kush Cakes does not contain cbd / contains melatonin: $5