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Get All of Your CBD Products in One Place

Get All of Your CBD Products in One Place

Start your journey to wellness by visiting our store in Rock Hill, SC

Rock Hill CBD Distribution LLC has a wide variety of CBD products to choose from. Enjoy the fantastic flavor of our CBD vape. Or, indulge in our decadent deserts infused with premium CBD oil. You can find whatever you need at our store.

We're conveniently located in Rock Hill, SC. Call now to speak with our friendly staff regarding any questions you may have about CBD oil.

We have something for everybody; even your pets!

Check out our inventory of helpful CBD products:

  • CBD vape pens and refills
  • Dog and cat treats
  • CBD-infused honey
  • Lollipops and gummies
  • CBD massaging and body lotion

We also sell powered or encapsulated kratom products.

If you're looking for premium CBD products in Rock Hill, SC, visit our store today.


CBD Vape Liquids: (30mL bottles)

Super Naturals:

350mg: $24
500mg: $36
750mg: $42
1000mg: $48
1500mg: $70

Green Leaf CBD:

350mg: $28
500mg: $40
750mg: $46
1000mg: $52
1500mg: $75

9-Clouds Nicotine Vape Liquid 60ml (0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, 12mg): $12
Up In Smoke Salt Nicotine 30ml (50mg): $12

New South Botanicals

CBD Juul Pods (280mg Full Spectrum): $30


Green Leaf CBD Cartridges:

200mg: $15
500mg: $20
750mg: $24

New South Botanicals Full Spectrum Cartridges:

400mg Raw Cartridge: $50
400mg Fresh Cartridge: $50
5ml Cartridge Refill (1000mg): $80
Multi-Voltage Vape Pod with 400mg FS Cartridge: $80

Apple Plus:

Disposable Cartridges:
½ gram (250mg): $40


½ gram (250mg): $30


Super Naturals Full Spectrum:

Super Naturals Full Spectrum: (<.3% THC)
1g: $10

Oak City Full Spectrum: (<.2% THC)
1.25g: $12

Green Leaf CBD: (100mg CBD)
1g: $12


Super Naturals:

⅛: $25
¼: $40


⅛: $30
¼: $45

Isolates/Dab Wax
Green Leaf CBD

CBD Crystal Isolate: $76
CBD Dab Wax: $76

Skin Care:


New South Botanicals:
.5 oz Lotion Bar (100mg Hemp Flower Extract): $40


Apple Plus:
.5 oz 150mg: $20
4oz 500mg: $70
4oz 1200mg: $84


Green Leaf CBD
4oz 500mg: $40

Super Naturals:
4oz 500mg: $36
4oz 750mg: $42

Soaps/Bath Bombs

Apple Plus 100mg Soap: $21
Apples Plus 100mg Bath Bomb: $18

Batteries / Vape Devices

Q-Magic Juul Pod Refill Kit: $30
iMini Vape Battery with Refillable Cartridge: $15
Vertex: $6
Apple Plus Vape Battery: $22
CE-4: $8
Magic 3-in-1: $22

Vape Liquids

9-Clouds Nicotine Vape Liquid 60ml (0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, 12mg): $12
Up In Smoke Salt Nicotine 30ml (50mg): $12


White Maeng Da:

25ct: $9
50ct: $14.50
100ct: $26


1oz: $9
3oz: $20

Nature Leaf Kratom Extract Shot (15mL): $20

MIT 45 Kratom Shots (15mL): $15